Fantastic Comics Halloween Costume Contest 2015

Every year Fantastic Comics hosts a costume contest on Halloween. Our customers come in wearing incredible costumes and we just have to share them. If YOU want to vote for this year’s winner, head over to our facebook album and cast your votes!

UPDATE! The votes have been cast and we have our winners! Thanks everyone for entering the contest. You all looked fantastic.

1st Place
Ms. Marvel
2nd Place
Agent Carter

Staff Pick
Raven (Teen Titans)
Kids Staff Pick
Shadow Devil

00img12191447_10102020411580858_5850846526365374968_n copy
00Zita 01Grudge 02Macha 03Raven 04Punisher 05BlackWidow 06ShadowDevil 06ShadowDevil2 07StarFleetOfficer 08DipperPines 09MsMarvel 10SteveRogers 11April 12Supergirl1980s 13Carl 14DocBrown 15StormTrooper 16LiloStitchBooSully 17MadHatter 18AnnaAriel 18img11174831_10102020410967088_2221572637627848514_n copy 19AgentCarter 20[Redacted]ofHearts 21Furiosa 21Lexi 21zIMG_7929 copy 22.5AgentCarter 22SeniorYearRavenclaw 23PopArt 23zIMG_7938 24MorriganMachaBadb 25VincentAdultmanPrincessCarolyn

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