Fantastic Comics Halloween Costume Contest 2014

Every year Fantastic Comics hosts a costume contest on Halloween. Our customers come in wearing incredible costumes and we just have to share them. Enjoy.

1st Place

from Batman the Animated Series 1stplace
2nd Place
Sir Keladry of Mindelan

from Protector of the Small 28IMG_1755
Staff Pick
Quentin Quire, aka Kid Omega

from Wolverine and the X-Men
Kids Staff Pick

from Cardcaptor Sakura StaffPickKids

01SpiderGwenHalloween 02IMG_1675 03DSCF6142 04DSCF6146 05ThorStand 06IMG_1659 07DSCF6134 08IMG_1661 10DSCF6138 11IMG_1664 12IMG_1693 13HalloweenThorGerbil 14IMG_1694 15IMG_1700 16IMG_1701 17IMG_1705 18IMG_1713 21Halloween 22IMG_1744 23IMG_1734 24IMG_1740 25Halloween 26IMG_1747 27IMG_1752 29IMG_1761 30IMG_1778 31Halloween 32IMG_1783 33IMG_1786 34IMG_1788 35IMG_1796 36IMG_1798 37IMG_1810b 38IMG_1802 39Halloween 40IMG_1823 41IMG_1852 42IMG_1855 43IMG_1831 44Halloween 45IMG_1834 46IMG_1826 47Halloween

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