izombie Vol. 1 Trade Paperback

A new series by Mike Allred, (Madman, The Atomics.) colored by his wife, Laura Allred. The series takes place in modern day Eugene, Oregon unfolding the mysterious adventures of Gwen Dylan, a member of the recently deceased and a brain eating zombie!

In order to keep herself from becoming a mindless walking corpse, Gwen must devour brains on a monthly basis. However, when Gwen eats the brains of the recently deceased, she also acquires their memories, and to settle the spirits incessant nagging, she must fulfill their final wishes.

Teaming up with a ginchy go-go girl ghost named Ellie, and were-terrier whom they nickname Spot, Gwen embarks on unraveling the many questions that haunt her being.
Unlike any other zombie story out there right now, the series ironically breathes life into the interesting characters within the story, and the story itself has me constantly guessing what will happen next.

I highly suggest this book for any fan of sci-fi and classic horror fiction. Mike Allred’s art is eye-catching and is easily my favorite out of any of his previous works.

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