Amulet Vol. 5, Prince of the Elves Review

Kazu Kibuishi’s all ages series Amulet has been a high stakes, engaging, fantasy adventure from the start. His readers are used to multifaceted characters, magical action sequences, and pages of beautiful art. I am happy to say that the fifth installment, Prince of the Elves, delivers more of the same. Only this time the stakes are higher, the danger is more immediate, and the scale is grander.

The series tells the story of Emily and Navin, siblings who find themselves in a magical world in the midst of a war. Navin has recently discovered his skill as a pilot of the various kinds of robot tech (planes, walking houses, etc.) and Emily has been growing into a skilled wielder of one of the last magical stone amulets. The siblings are prepared to fight against the elf king and on the side of humans, animal people, and robots. In this fifth book the stakes are raised and the battle is engaged. Kibuishi’s beautiful signature double page spreads are applied to airship battles, new fantastical locations, and bigger and better creations. At the same time we learn more about the Voice that Emily has been hearing from her stone and what kind of control that entity wants over her and the other stonekeepers. The power of the stones is expanded upon, as is the risk of using them. Emily is faced with deciding how much trust she can actually put in the stone that gives her the power she needs to protect her friends and family.

As beautiful as it is exciting, Prince of the Elves is a great chapter in the Amulet series. As always it was a pleasure to read, both because of the exciting plot twists and the fun, beautiful art. I highly recommend the series to fantasy fans of all ages and anyone looking for an adventure.

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